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What are the ages for the playmakers?

The Playmakers Academy is for rising 8th - 12th students.
Please sign up for our Playmakers List on home page to get early access on the launch of the Elite Playmakers Academy, forthcoming in 2020.

What is the Elite Playmakers Academy?

The elite Playmakers Academy is for a select group that are looking to develop and take their wide receiver and secondary skills to the next level. In accordance with NCAA rules on prospective student-athletes, all boys must be between the grades 8 - 12. That is, a prospective camper must be entering the 8th, 9th, 10th, or 12th grade the fall immediately following the Playmakers Academy session. High school graduates are prohibited to attend (per NCAA rules). Campers will be matched against other players of the same grade or, to the extent possible, to their skill level. If a player feels as if they would be more comfortable moving down a grade-level, we will seek to accomodate that request.

What is the experience of the coaches aside from Michael Irvin?

Our Head Coach on the field is Chadd Braine, Defensive Coordinator East Stroudsburg Unviersity. We aim to recruit Division II and Division III coaches, along with high performing high school coaches with a targeted coaching ratio of 10:1. Due to the fact that there is so much movement in the football coaching profession, we are unable to provide a list of staff members until camp. Rest assured, they will always be quality coaches, guided by our Head Coach

What is the format of The Playmaker Academy?

This is a NON-CONTACt football camp and therefore, there are NO equipment requirments. Hoewever, there are minimal needs. Cleats [Grass/Turf] are preferable to tennis shoes, but campers should bring both cleats and tennis shoes. Mouthpieces are always recommended and encouraged. All campers should also bring extra socks (we encourage multiple daily changes of socks).

Are parents and spectators permitted?

Yes. Parents and spectators are welcome to watch all practices and drills, outside of the security barriers (for safety and insurance liability).

What is the Playmaker Pledge?


Do the Playmakers (campers) need insurance?

All campers must be covered by insurance to attend the camp - no exceptions. If you do not have insurance, you should ask your coach what options may exist. In addition, a signed parent/guardian release is required for all campers.

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